Lydia Brown

Lydia Brown was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. When she was younger, she dreamed of becoming a singer. She grew up with humble beginnings on the southside with her mom and dad. Tragically, at the age of eleven, her father died of leukemia. Her mother was left alone to care for her. They had their ups and downs and struggles, but they loved each other.


As a teenager, she reached a point where she wanted to explore her surroundings and get away from the stresses of life. She ran away from home as a coping mechanism to deal with these issues. She found herself downtown, on the streets of Chicago. Over time, she began to like the area and slowly felt comfortable; this is where she indeed grew up a second time and learned to love herself.

She panhandled to survive and met people from all walks of life. They looked out for her and tried to get her off the streets by providing a hotel room to sleep in, where she could be safe. She met many people that cared and truly wanted the best for her; her dreams were encouraged. Those people still have a special place in her heart, and she will always have fond memories of them for being there when she needed help.


 She started writing at the age of 26. At first, she wrote for fun but soon discovered writing was therapeutic and provided an escape, carrying her away from everyday worries. She began to take writing more seriously, so she wrote more and saved her work.


Now in her 40's, Lydia is writing her first book. She truly hopes you enjoy seeing her life through these intimate works of poetry. Thank you for reading.